<p>Club connection traced back through three generations</p>

Club connection traced back through three generations

Club connection traced back through three generations

The Northmore family connection to Club Central and Illawarra Catholic Club, as it was previously known, stretches back through three generations, to a time before the Club opened its doors in Diments Way, Hurstville in 1962.

Tom Northmore was involved in establishing the Illawarra Catholic Club, becoming one of the founding Directors. Following in his father’s footsteps, Brian worked at the Club in Hurstville from the day it opened in Crofts Avenue until the move to Woodville Street. He often came straight from a day at the printing business to work a night shift as a drinks waiter at the Club. The third generation of the Northmore family, Mark Northmore, also worked at the Club at Hurstville during his accountancy studies.

In recognition of the ongoing family connection and to celebrate the upcoming 80th birthday of Brian Northmore on 9 October, the Club Central Board presented club membership badge number 2 to Brian, which was originally held by his father Tom.

“Brian has been a member of Club Central for 51 years and has a wonderful family connection to the Club and our history,” said Brian Cloney, Club Central President.

“We went back through the archives and found the original Board minutes and realised that badge number 2 had never been re-issued. We felt that it was only fitting that it be passed on to Brian,” he said.

After seeing ICC successfully open its doors in Hurstville in 1962, Tom Northmore suffered a stroke in 1963 and stepped down from the Board. With Brian, he ran the family printing business, which also did much of the ICC’s printing. Brian is a photo engraver by trade and continued to work in the family business until his retirement in 2001.

“Finding out about this wonderful story made me consider what Tom Northmore and our other founding Directors would think about our Clubs and our members today. I think they would be very pleased to see that Club Central has continued to play an important role in the lives of members such as Brian Northmore for more than 50 years.

“One of the most important jobs the ICC Board has is to ensure that what we do today honours the past, whilst at the same time securing the future. As we approach our 60th anniversary in 2022, these opportunities to look back at where we have come from are so valuable to remind us of our humble beginnings back in a small former dance hall in Hurstville.

“After many years working at Club Central Hurstville, Brian and his wife Anne are now regulars at Club Central Menai and are well known to our fantastic team. On behalf of the ICC Board, management and staff, we wish Brian a very happy 80th Birthday!” Brian Cloney said.