How to Apply

How to Apply

How do I apply for funding?

  1. Read the ClubGRANTS funding guidelines available at:
  2. Refer to the Priority Community Needs for funding in the Georges River area.
  3. Apply online at:

Register and select the Georges River Council  Round.

You only need to apply once as the application will be reviewed by all clubs within the Georges River Area Local Committee.

ClubsNSW Role

ClubsNSW does not directly provide Club GRANTS funding. Its role in the scheme is at a policy and co-ordination level. ClubGRANTS funding is provided by registered clubs.


Successful applicants are required to submit a closing report to the club upon completion of the project. Applicants should note that clubs and local committees will not consider further funding requests unless a report has been received. More information on reporting requirements is available here.

ClubGRANTS Enquiries

If you have any enquiries after accessing the ClubGRANTS Guidelines, please contact:

1300 730 001

Applications for Category 1

Category 1 – is for specific community welfare projects, social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities. Category 1 ClubGRANTS applications take place on an annual basis and are coordinated by Georges River Council and a committee of community representatives. Find a link to the Georges River Council website here.

Applications for Category 1 Georges River ClubGRANTS Funding are now open and will close at 5pm on Monday 23 April 2021.  

Applications for Category 2

Category 2 – is for other community development and support services, for example support for local sport and recreation groups, room hire waivers and other miscellaneous donations. This category of applications are open year-round and are made directly in writing to Club Central.

Applications for Category 3

Category 3 – a state-wide pool where 0.4% of a club’s gaming machine profits over $1 million is directed to support large scale sport, health and community infrastructure. This category is administered by ClubNSW.