Club Central Brand Refresh

Club Central is proud to launch its new logo, refreshed corporate style and sophisticated new staff uniform for its teams across the Hurstville and Menai venues

Club Central was established as a Catholic Club in the Hurstville area in 1962. Over the years the brand has evolved, modernising and reflecting the expansion to two venues, whilst still retaining a connection to the past.

With a rich history of serving members and the community, the new Club Central logo has been designed to reference symbols that connect with members, embody the organisations’ values and have widespread visual appeal.

In reference to its origins as a Catholic Club, the overall shape of the logo is suggestive of a religious cross. Simultaneously it is also emblematic of a four-leaf clover, which in many parts of the world represents good luck. The circular appearance of the icon also references the shape of the infinity symbol – a line that never ends.

The rebrand exercise also extends into a stylish new uniform for all Club Central team members. We would love to hear your thoughts on the new look for our team and our refreshed brand. Drop us a line at