Inspired by the popular “L’éclair de genie” in Paris, Central Cucina has reimagined this decadent French dessert to provide a variety of colourful delights.

First adored by Parisians in the 19th century, and now revered worldwide as a petite patisserie creation that punches above its weight, Central Cucina proud to present an exclusive éclair experience. From classics such as salted caramel or strawberry & cream to new sensations like Yuzu, basil or peach & rose, we promise there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Apricot & pistachio

Black forest

Mango & passionfruit

Pecan chocolate

Raspberry white chocolate

Salted caramel

Strawberry & cream

Yuzu, lemon, basil

July Winter Éclair Collection

We have three new mouth-watering winter flavours; Caramelised Nuts & Chilli Chocolate, Mont Blanc (Chestnut) and Apple Crumble.

Whether you want to enjoy these éclairs in Central Cucina or enjoy them in the comfort of your own home – we have a trendy takeaway box that will carry your delicious desserts home!

Caramelised Nuts & Chilli Chocolate 

Mont Blanc (Chestnut) 

Apple Crumble