Vision Statement

To be a leader in the hospitality industry by exceeding customer expectations in everything we do.

Mission Statement

To make a difference in our interactions with all who encounter Club Central. Whether it be members, guests, staff or our local community, our aim is to make a difference and ensure their experience with us is a positive one. Whatever our operational tasks are, we will endeavour to make a difference.

Club Central Values


Integrity is the foundation of our character. The
development of character is one of the most
important things we can do. Working on our
character means disciplining ourselves to do more
and more of those things that a totally honest
person would do, under any circumstances. It
means being honest in everything we do.

Human Dignity

Treating people with Human Dignity ensures
that we recognise people’s sense of worth,
values, and/or self-esteem. It means treating
people with respect and dignity regardless of
their backgrounds or beliefs.


Cohesion ensures we operate the most
effective team possible. In doing so it ensure
we benefit from the collective knowledge of our
workforce as the left hand knows what the right
hand is doing and most importantly knows its
role in the process.

Community Mindfulness

We exist purely to serve our community as
they are our key stakeholders. It is for this
reason we must always ensure our business
decisions have our community in mind and
ensure it is in line with their expectations.


Every employee, no matter what level
of seniority is equally responsible for
aiding in the success of the Club. In order
to achieve the goals of the Club, it is
important that all people within the Club
work together and hold accountability of
themselves and each other.