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Sustainable Advantage Bronze Partner

It is with great pleasure that we advise Club Central has been recognised as a ‘Sustainable Advantage Bronze Partner’. The award is highly regarded amongst the NSW business community and we join a select group of business that can make this claim.

Bronze partnership recognises business that go above and beyond what is considered normal green practises.

This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the efforts of all staff supporting our green initiatives.

Some highlights of our submission include;

• The formation of the Green Team to challenge the business to become more sustainable
• We now recycle 50% of our total waste
• Solar power and other energy efficient equipment have reduced electrical consumption since 2009 by 25%
• We have stopped 144 tonnes of Co2 from entering the atmosphere each year
• Our Hurstville commercial property ICC House has been awarded a 4.5 star NABERS energy rating
• The Club is in its final stages of signing an agreement for a food waste processor. This new technology will remove over 200kgs of food waste each day from of our landfills.

Click here to take a read of the latest Sustainability Central Newsletter 2017.


Sustainable central

The Club adheres to a Social Responsibility policy that is committed to transparent and ethical behaviour with the goal of reducing the Clubs impacts on society and the environment. To ensure this occurs the Clubs Mission Statement has been updated to include the protection of the environment.

The Club has created a committee we call the ‘Green Team’. The Green Team is made up of staff from all levels and areas of the Club and its main goal is to challenge the business to become as environmentally friendly as possible. So far the Green Team has implemented a comprehensive recycling program that includes all paper, cardboard, glass, cooking oil, plastic bottles and metal…if its recyclable we are doing it! All administration areas, back of house wash up areas, kitchens and the TAB are now recycling all waste consistently. This has already seen some positive results. A Bin Trim audit performed in May 2016 by council highlighted the Club is now recycling 50% of its total waste. This equates to 2981kg less waste per month or 35 tons per year. This is alot of waste that is no longer being dumped into our landfill and the Club has reduced its costs by recycling more.

Hurstville Workstation

The Club has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce our electrical consumption. We’ve installed LED smart lights, a 100 kilowatt solar energy system and retrofitted one of our chillers from 1100kW to 600kW making our air-conditioning much more efficient to run.Our solar system provides enough electricity to power our Menai Club during daylight hours. All up we have saved 130,000 kWh and stopped 144 tonnes of Co2 from entering the atmosphere each year. Since 2009 we have reduced our electrical consumption by 25%. Due to this proactive management we have saved members thousands of dollars but also significantly reduced our impact on the environment.

Menai Roof top

Cardboard compactor

Our Hurstville commercial property ‘ICC House’ has been awarded a 4.5 star NABERS energy rating. This has been possible due to daily management of the Clubs energy usage. The Club has installed energy efficient lighting throughout and closely monitors the Clubs ‘Building Management Control System’ that monitors air-conditioning plant. The Club has worked long and hard to obtain this rating because we know the community demand local businesses to take responsibility for their impact on the environment.
Nabers Nabersrating
Hurstville volatage

The Club is currently doing its due diligence on a solution for our food waste. Technology in this area is evolving fast and it is becoming possible to reduce land fill caused by food waste down to virtualy zero. This new technology is called ORCA. The ORCA is a machine that “digests” up to 110 kilos of food waste per day.
Within 24 hours, this technology turns food waste into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the municipal sewage system. Planning for ORCA is ongoing but we are very excited about the prospect of implementing in the near future.

The Club is also a member of Sustainability Advantage which is run by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. The organization provides advice on environmental best practices and run seminars throughout the year.

At Club Central we think the environment is important.
We want our members to know that we are working hard every day on reducing our impact on the environment.
We’d love to hear your ideas on ways you reduce impact on the environment.
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