Deal or Reveal

Deal or Reveal Swipe & Win

Take the deal or risk it for the chance to WIN more!

Deal or Reveal will replace our Tuesday Pay Promotion and will commence on Tuesday 6 February. To enter, Members must swipe their membership card once at the swipe terminal every Tuesday night from 5pm to 8pm. Members can earn additional entries each week when purchasing $5 across the bar.

Random virtual draws conducted Tuesday evening every 30 minutes from 6pm to 8pm.

When a member is drawn they will be given the choice to either take the $100 Cash deal or risk it for the chance to win more! When drawn members present themselves within the four minutes they will be given the chance to take the $100 or risk it for the chance to win more

If members choose to risk it they will be able to choose one of five brief cases. Inside of four brief cases will be $50. Inside the final fifth briefcase will be $500. If drawn member chooses to risk the $100 and does not select the case with $500 the member will win $50. And $50 will be added to the end of month jackpot. If any winner is not present during the weekly draws, the prize money ($100) will be added to a jackpot to be drawn from 8.30pm on the last Tuesday of the month.

T&Cs apply. Additional entries not available from Imperial Dynasty. LTPM/18/26045