Live Sport

Don’t miss a minute of the sporting action here in Arena Bar! Arena Bar is a dedicated sports area, offering plasmas in all directions, TAB facilities and a great range of beers.


Wednesday 12 June

10:00 am BASETBALL:MLB Yankees vs Mets
12:00 pm BASETBALL: MLB Angels vs Dodgers
7:30 pm CRICKET: Australia vs Pakistan

Thursday 13 June

10:00 am ICE HOCKEY: NHL Bruins v Blues
2:00 pm RUGBY: South Africa vs New Zealand
7:30 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Raiders vs Sharks

Friday 14 June

11:00 am BASKETBALL: NBA Raptors v Warriors
3:30 pm GOLF: US Open
6:00 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Titans vs Warriors
7:30 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Cowboys vs Tigers
11:30 pm CRICKET: England vs West Indies

Saturday 15 June

10:00 am BASEBALL: MLB Angels vs Rays
3:00 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Storm vs Knights
5:30 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Rabbitohs vs Panthers
7:30 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Eels vs Broncos
11:30 pm CRICKET: Australia vs Sri Lanka

Sunday 16 June

10:00 am SUPERCARS: V8 Supercars: Darwin
2:30 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Sea Eagles vs Dragons
4:00 pm RUGBY LEAGUE: NRL Roosters vs Bulldogs

Monday 17 June

10:00 am BASKETBALL: NBA Raptors v Warriors
4:00 pm GOLF: US Open

Tuesday 18 June

12:00 pm BASEBALL: MLB Dodgers vs Giants