How to Apply

How to Apply – ClubGRANTS Guidelines and Funding Categories

The new ClubGRANTS Guidelines are now available. Applicants should read the new Guidelines to determine whether they are eligible for Club GRANTS funding. There are three funding categories under the ClubGRANTS Scheme:

  • Category 1 expenditure on specific community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities; and
  • Category 2 expenditure on other community development and support services (eg traditional areas of club expenditure, such as support for sport and recreation groups).
  • Category 3 expenditure represents 0.4% of a club’s gaming machine profits over $1 million which is placed in a state wide pool to support large scale sport, health and community infrastructure.
Deadline Dates, Application Forms and ClubGRANTS Online

Information on how to apply, including deadline dates to each Local Committee (based on Local Government Area) is available through the Local Committee Index. Applicants should note that some local committees now require application forms to be submitted online. Applicants should visit the ClubsNSW website and consult the Local Committee Index before submitting an application form to the relevant club or local committee. Hard copy applications forms are still available for areas that operate outside of the online scheme. Applicants should note that the Smarty Grants register page is for clubs and councils ONLY; applicants are not required to register prior to submitting an application form.

ClubsNSW Role

ClubsNSW does not directly provide Club GRANTS funding. Our role in the scheme is at a policy and co-ordination level, funding is provided by our member clubs. Applications sent to ClubsNSW will be returned.

ClubGRANTS Enquiries

If you have any enquiries after accessing the Club GRANTS Guidelines and the Local Committee Index, please contact the relevant club or local committee. Alternatively, you can contact the ClubsNSW Member Enquiries Centre on Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on:

Ph: 1300 730 001